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Dirty Bondage Fantasy

• 2008-Jul-10 - Derrick Pierce, Mika Tan


Derrick Pierce, Mika Tan

Derrick Pierce buys his Asian hooker / sex slave for a few hours of pleasure. This bitch is supposed to be Asian, not the half American whore she turns out to be. As punishment Derrick ties her up, flogs her, slaps her, and forces his cock down her throat. He pushes a large buttplug up her ass to stretch it nicely, then fucks her with roughness in every hole.
I am a huge Mika Tan fan. The only problem; she should have been gagged in all scenes (other than when not giving a blowjob). Mika bound, gagged and getting fucked...WOW!!! More of Mika Tan.

-- Bondageman2


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• 2008-Jul-3 - Rachel Roxxx, TJ Cummings


Rachel Roxxx, TJ Cummings

Dirty Bondage Fantasy: TJ Cummings will be showing Rachel Roxxx what real tease-and-denial is all about. She will be denied orgasms every time she's just about to have one and begs to be allowed to climax. Good looking women are used to getting what they want, not to be denied their pleasures. But this bound and ball-gagged beauty is about to find out what it's like to have to beg and not receive. Of course there is always the carrot, hope that she will be allowed to cum. The stick is the hard flogging TJ Cummings inflicts, the big cock he sinks deeper and deeper into her throat and snatch, and the requirement that she obediently and lovingly accept the predicament she's up against.
This shoot, for me, is, by far, one of the greatest of Twisted Factory, between the top five of the site in objective judgement, and for me the second best one of all times. Because MORONS have downgraded this shoot from 5. to 4.6, I will explain to the morons the truth. Rachel Roxxx looked like a tiny Texan girl in the hands of Nika Noire in the "Crystal Lake camp" on CB. In this shoot, at F&B, everything is magical. The compassion of TJ, who, in this shoot, goes beyond the frontier of porn actor ; the chemistry between the two actors ; the great compassionate denials of orgasms from TJ. That's simple : from one moment, in fact the start, you are not able to think any longer you view a porn scene, you are INTO the scene. A great immense scene, with no tools, no exhibitions, only the interior mind fucking. I have a last word to say about this masterpiece : I fuck the assholes (with preservatives) of the morons who are not able to see "Roma" into "Roma".

-- regisjean


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• 2008-Jun-26 - Marcus London, Devon Lee


Marcus London, Devon Lee

Kinky couple Devon Lee and Marcus London are back for more bondage sex, this time Devon surrenders her ass for some pounding along with her pussy and mouth. Asymmetrical rope bondage starts the day, leaving Devon's pussy open for whipping and fucking. Gagged and clamped she takes everything her Master inflicts, whether it be pleasure or pain. In doggy position, Devon greedily sucks cock, lubricating it for her first ever bondage anal fucking. With her breasts bound and her legs spread Devon begs to cum during anal sex. Her Master then cums all over Devon's pretty face, this is his way of thanking her for being an obedient bondage fuckdoll.
Whahaaah! It works! - What? - Advertising on he net! There is one actually saying : TFWYFSIB. - ? - Yes! If you open it, it says : Twisted Family Welcomes You For Sex In Bondage. After Audrey Hollander & Otto Bauer, we welcome here Devon Lee & Marcus London. What a fun! We are totally beyond the scene here again. I have always loved girls like Devon, scared girls inside themselves into great bodies, quite slow and heavy (there is a superb French book about that from Andr?© Hardellet : ?«Lourdes, lentes?», very affective without nervousness. Marcus is a happy man to have got one of them, a very rare occasion in life with so many speedy freaky girls circling around the world! So, this love shoot behind the scene is the tender and sweet side of BDSM. We are allowed to have a look at the intimate playing of a couple : I love that!

-- regisjean


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• 2008-Jun-19 - Ashli Orion, TJ Cummings


Ashli Orion, TJ Cummings

TJ Cummings is reading a book on bondage-sex when maid Ashli Orion comes in to tidy his room. It doesn't take much for TJ to convince Ashli to try a little spanking. He puts her over his knees and the magic is done. Ashli's maid outfit is replaced by a collar and ropes, and the cock worship begins. TJ fucks his slave, drips hot wax over her restrained body, then fucks her some more when she begs for mercy. When TJ is done and ready to move on he cums on Ashli's pretty face and gives her apron back so she can get on with her chores.
Ashli is a very sexy model!!!!

-- Max


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• 2008-Jun-12 - Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer


Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer

Dirty Bondage Fantasy: AVN Award winner Audrey Hollander is back to prove once again that is she is the toughest, kinkiest bitch in the business. Her clothes are torn from her body and her tits are double clamped. A huge butt plug fills her and she is flogged mercilessly by Otto. He plans on making Audrey work for her orgasms today! In a severe back-bend position Audrey tries to suck cock. Her pussy is whipped and she is fucked until she cums. Otto decides to stretch this redhead's asshole as much as possible. He begins with his cock, then he adds a couple of candles and ends with his fist. Audrey screams from the intense climax that is thrust upon her and begs for her Master's cum. In doggy, weights are added to the nipple clamps and Audrey is used a fuckdoll: mouth, ass, and then mouth again for a hot load down her throat.
THE FRENZY AND THE TRANCE. So powerful is this girl (Audrey Hollander) that she splashes the screen. She is here with her husband, Otto Bauer, in a scene "like at home". And everything is said. We cannot see them acting on screen, because they do it in real and for real. So strong is this girl, that, above any "topping from the bottom" here, she is the center of the scene, the willing victim, the dimension beyond human habits the man has to sacrificed himself to earn. In this shoot totally "beyond the scene", with some porn feats if you want to score them (like triple anal penetration), we reach the natural streaming of life beyond life, nothing to see as actor or actress play : kinky life for an "italian"faced man (with a German name) with a witch : the archaic Cretan.

-- regisjean


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• 2008-Jun-5 - Sienna West, Kurt Lockwood


Sienna West, Kurt Lockwood

When Sienna is left chained to the wall she daydreams about being taken dancing in a dark place. Under her evening gown she wears a chastity chain attached to the ownership collar around her neck. Kurt interrupts the fantasy as he begins Sienna's sex slave training for the day. She obediently sucks his cock while in metal bondage. Later, bound in rope, Sienna is fucked hard. Her tits are tied and her mouth is ball gagged. She orgasms multiple times in a suspension. This slut likes bondage sex. On her knees, Sienna dutifully accepts a hot load of cum on her face.
Having said that, Chanta, I think the variety on CB is greater than here. Nothing wrong with FnB, but I think that Outrage does have a point with that. A pretty girl, but a little timid. I don't mind that, of course, but you sense that the Dom has gone softer to accommodate this.

-- Ashantai


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• 2008-May-29 - Beverly Hills, TJ Cummings


Beverly Hills, TJ Cummings

Beverly Hills is a hot kinky bitch. She agrees to be trained by TJ Cummings, he readies her by tying her tight and stripping her. TJ spanks and flogs his slave, and after removing her ball-gag he forces her to suck his cock. He restrains her in metal shackles and fucks her hard. This is the first time Beverly Hills is fucked in bondage. TJ fucks both his bitch's holes. He places her in a tight strapado, and with her tits bound she hungrily swallows his cock and deep throats him until he cums.
Where has Beverly been hiding. Awesome Chemistry and Awesome Scene. Please bring her back for more.

-- Madgrad


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• 2008-May-22 - Derrick Pierce, Kayla Paige


Derrick Pierce, Kayla Paige

Kayla Paige begs for cock through her ball-gag. Dressed in a sexy latex outfit and shackled she's ready to please her Master. Derrick Pierce is making his slut earn it. He whips his bitch and teases her tits before granting her one forced orgasms, then she's fucked hard. He puts her in suspension bondage for more hard sex. Then Kayla forgets to thank her Master, so Derrick punishes her and uses her as a fuckdoll, and once satisfied he leaves her with her face covered in cum.
The movies are great. But what about trying 2 girls (sub) and 1 guy (dom). I think that will break the mode and very interesting. Just a thought.

-- faithboy123


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• 2008-May-19 - Kurt Lockwood, Jezebel Dahl


Kurt Lockwood, Jezebel Dahl

This is Jezebel Dahl's first time taking her clothes off in front of the camera, and her first time experiencing bondage. What on earth would induce a woman who's never done porn before to get her start on the set of the hardest sex and bondage site? Well, it turns out Jezebel is a kinky slut and she's long fantasized of being tied up and used as a sex slave. It's clear it's taking Jezebel time to get comfortable in this situation, so Master Kurt gets out the cattle prod and gives her a couple of jolts to kick start her. He forces her to perform oral sex on him while he presses a vibrator against her clit. Jezebel begs to be fucked, and she spends the rest of the day tied in restrictive bondage and nailed hard by Kurt's hard member.
THUMB INTO ASSHOLE = truth with puritan pastor's wife. We are here into bonus update dimension, guys and galls, and personally I feel Chanta had no duty to give us such gift, but I understand the topic : she felt a 29 minutes shoot (the William one) was something a bit short at quantitative level (being light at qualitative one). I feel this update deserves to be carefully judged - in it's own dimension, a shoot in the box which was something of a weird thing from the start. Why? At start, that's clear, Jezebel, this girl virgin to everything as a good pastor's wife (even not a pussy virgin), belongs to the super dupper boring class of the infamous Ozzma Lynn on CB site, or Dakoda Brooks on F&B. The cold fish, with the utmost boring face on the earth. But Kurt Lockwood is a hero, and I must allow, I discovered him on this shoot. I don't know why, he was "super dupper" excited to do painful treatments to this un-sensitive creature (cattle prod, cane ...), as if he was the real psychopath in action. So, this newbie, with the very boring "Japanese" mask of the boring puritan wife, at start, was drawn out of her sleeping life and committed to pleasure = forced orgasms. May she quit her boring mask from now on to some expressive face through further porn experience? I don't know. But I feel Kurt was able here to achieve some "feat", and, if we are sensitive to it as a bonus, it is quite something able to rise an hard-on from the ole-member. I had never figured I would be able to have a hard-on seeing a dead fish wife of a puritan pastor being fucked. Chanta will always surprise me! [God! Do forgive me! As your night left hand, I have to tell the truth]. RJ

-- regisjean


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• 2008-May-15 - Bailey Brooks, William


Bailey Brooks, William

Dirty Bondage Fantasy: Bailey Brooks has been sent to detention for altering her school dress by shortening it to reveal a lot of skin. Professor William is going to teach this slut some discipline. He bends her over his knees and spanks her, then he ties her to his desk and forces her to perform oral sex on him, slapping her tits when she gags. William ties Bailey on her back and fucks her hard in tight bondage. This combination of pain and pleasure is a very new experience for Bailey, and her mind starts giving into it. Finally William is done with his discipline session and leaves his bitch with a face-full or cum.
Bullseye, RJ!!!!!!!!!!!! I give the shoot a 4.3 on the ole chastity/richter scale. RJ, as for your rating, i'll give errrrrr a 4.8. See things are looking up for you, my friend!!!!! Respectfully, Multiple Ghosts of

-- Ghost of danuzie


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• 2008-May-8 - Britney Stevens, TJ Cummings


Britney Stevens, TJ Cummings

Breaking a hot girl's bondage virginity is like winning a prize. You get to witness all of her first time reactions; the anticipation, the struggle against the binds, the pleasure, the pain, the complete helplessness and of course, the surprise as her body betrays her and she cums uncontrollably while being fucked in bondage. All natural Britney Stevens finds she is tougher than she thinks as she is taken through obedience training. Throat fucking, tit flogging, and deep anal sex prove her to be a worthy sex slave as she learns to beg for what she wants. Her ass is stretched with a fist and her pussy is hot waxed. Some new girls need it easy, Britney is not one of these girls.
i think that britney has a luscious body and did a good job for her first bondage shoot. i'd like to put a vote for pairing her with amber on CB. 2 anal sluts no waiting. thanks chanta

-- davrom


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• 2008-May-1 - Nika Noire, Kurt Lockwood


Nika Noire, Kurt Lockwood

Unsure how she will react to not being in control while fucking, this bondage sex is going to be a whole new experience for Nika Noir. She's bound and gagged and forced to deep throat Kurt Lockwood. She's flogged hard, and it shows. Kurt then fucks her hard in various bound positions. Nika obeys her orders and always asks for permission before climaxing. Finally she gets to enjoy her Master's cum all over her pretty face and is left chained down to the floor.
This is really great. I liked the kissing parts, very sexy.

-- Jon


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• 2008-Apr-24 - Jaelyn Fox, TJ Cummings


Jaelyn Fox, TJ Cummings

Jaelyn Fox is tiny and she has a smoking body. She's about to be initiated as a sex slave. Master TJ Cummings collars her and chains her to the floor and orders her to crawl on all fours. She looks her best with a big cock working her mouth and snatch. Then come the ropes, and the moment they are laid on her Jaelyn realizes she's been missing something great until now. Ropes and cock make this little slut cum and cum again. Now she has to learn to beg the proper way if she wants more of a good thing
I found this shoot fairly boring. It was impressive how many times she came, but other than that, she seemed to be a fairly inexperienced submissive. She didn't respond when Sir asked her questions, and she seemed genuinely in pain when she was being flogged. Kudos to TJ and that Australian woman who directs the clips for respecting her limits and only tying her in very loose positions and flogging her lightly, but TJ didn't look as though he broke much of a sweat, and never even took his shirt off :-(. Some people might find it interesting watching someone break in a new filly, but not me.

-- horny jay


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• 2008-Apr-17 - Jordan Jagger, Marcus London


Jordan Jagger, Marcus London

This bitch has some serious tits, and she likes to be spanked. But she's never been tied up before. Marcus London tears her clothes off and forces her onto all fours, collars her, and orders her to suck him off. A solid spanking brings color to her ass and the inevitable pleas to be fucked hard. She cums hard. She's turned over onto her knees and fucked even harder while in tight bondage. This time the bondage proves to hard for her and she calls out her safe-word. Finally Marcus is ready to unload some hot cum all over her pretty face, and she's left tied up and all covered in cum.
Agreeably surprised?????? Huh????? From RJ?????????????? That has to be the first time you are "agreeably" anything, my friend!!!!! Yep, it be me, the ghost of! Haven't had a chance to do no reviewin of the fine Factory footage as of yet, but from just a glance, hairpiece or no hairpiece, i gots some rattlin goin on from the "who cares whether they are fake or not" floppy floppys!!! So i'll go ahead and give errrrrrr a 4.0 straight up on the ole chastity/richter scale, for now. So RJ, be watchin those P's and Q's, from here on out.........Respectfully, The Ghost of Danuzie

-- Multiple Ghosts of


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• 2008-Apr-10 - Dakoda Brookes, TJ Cummings


Dakoda Brookes, TJ Cummings

Dakoda Brookes is a hot 18 year old in need of some discipline. TJ cummings will train her with some wild kinky sex involving breathplay, bondage, and corporal punishment. After a solid spanking, Dakoda's behind turns an angry red, her clothes are ripped off her body and she's blindfolded. Forced to suck her Master's dick, Dakoda is only too happy to please and she begs to be fucked hard. She's placed in doggy and mercilessly fucked before having her face covered in her Master's cum.
TJ is great. What a shame he wore his black t-shirt all the time, tho. Part of the pleasure of watching him is seeing his muscles bulge, see the sweat drip off his tattoo, and see him work hard as he fucks his girls. I guess if he wears his t-shirt, he looks more "dom" than the completely naked sub, but the background was so black that he just looked like a disconnected set of arms and a head. I agree with regisjean that this shoot is fairly boring, as TJ, despite his great verbal abuse and hard fucking and frequent slaps, was unable to get this girl to experience anything close to pain or excitement or fear. She just shut down, and was fairly uninteresting to watch. I expect that, with her lower back tattoos, she's some kind of stripper who's doing bondage because it pays more money (possibly to help with her drug addiction?) TJ tried his hardest, but was unable to get much out of her.

-- hornyjay


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• 2008-Apr-3 - Ben English, Daisy Marie


Ben English, Daisy Marie

Daisy Marie is having a routine medical visit. She likes this doctor, he's hot, he turns her on. She starts flirting with him, touching herself suggestively when he's examining her. But hot or not this doc is not amused by this bitch's antics. He brings out a length or rope and ties her down to his table. Move now if you can, bitch. He gives Daisy the thorough examination she needs, probing deep into her snatch with his oversized member. He vibrates her clit and she starts squirting all over the place. She's tied in strapado with her ass sticking out, perfect for a solid flogging. She's fucked hard and deep in various restrained positions. This doctor knows his knots.
Nice hard cock doing her justice. Wonderful and appealing young lady. Would like to see that magnificent cock split her rectum as well.

-- George


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• 2008-Mar-27 - Kurt Lockwood, Adrianna Nicole


Kurt Lockwood, Adrianna Nicole

Hot and sexy Adrianna Nicole was built for bondage and sex. Master Kurt Lockwood ties her up and strips her down, he warms up her rump with a good spanking until her ass is a deep red color. By this time Adrianna's cunt is very wet and she can't wait to have her holes abused by her Master. She takes his cock all the way in her mouth and obediently sucks. His shaft well warmed up, Kurt fucks Adrianna hard in her cunt and ass in various positions until he is ready to reward his hot bitch with a load of cum over her face. A happy slave, Adrianna is left in ropes and a ball gag.
A great shoot, on its own ground : not the ?«domination in bondage?» one (my favorite, I acknowledge), but the ?«sex in bondage?» one (nice to see when well done, which is the case here). Adrianna Nicole and Kurt Lockwood are two great professionals, and they know each other very well. So, between them, there is no challenge of domination (it is only for the role play, to excite sexuality), for Adrianna, being a specialist of topping from the bottom, would have not be domed by Kurt. But once the thing settled on the true ground, which is a kinky sex ground too, just having to play in bondage a role play of master and sub to have pleasure together, we got here a very fine shoot. Just to figure it, lets imagine we are in a whorehouse, and Kurt is the client having asked for a girl (A.) to play a role in order to have pleasure in a perverse way ; and just figure A. loves for herself these rituals of pleasure with K. What a nice play, from these premisses! Sexual enthusiasm from A., intense erotic commitment from K., great chemistry between the two. 5 orgasms, but every one with the ole-member, without vibrator. 25 tits slaps, 90 ass spanks, 130 back flogging hits, 11 little face slaps, 115 light cane hits : K. had the good tempo to accompany sexual excitation with this painslut. Kisses, close relationship : I repeat it, I figured myself as a viewer of some whore house scene in the West, in the old days. It was sweet : the surpassing of hardcore stuff in kinky sex private game. Good job!

-- regisjean


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• 2008-Mar-20 - TJ Cummings, Sabrina Fox


TJ Cummings, Sabrina Fox

Sabrina Fox is a sexy and tough bondage model. She has never, ever been fucked on camera. But after a lot of convincing she agreed that if she was ever going to have sex on camera, it would be for Fucked and Bound first. It's one thing to shoot a great model, it's quite another to shoot a great model doing something none of us ever thought she would do, and to feel the raw power of that experience for the first time. TJ ties his bitch up tight, flogs her ass and tits, then orders her to suck his cock, nice and slow. He takes her hard from behind with her legs spread wide. Sabrina screams muffled cries full of pleasure. Her training continues in various positions with her mouth and pussy taking turn in pleasuring her master's cock.
Berlin, compared to Sabrina "Vixen" on the rocks, don't you find AmBER LEAN? - I like to joke, too. RJ

-- regisjean


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• 2008-Mar-13 - Devaun, Brandon Iron


Devaun, Brandon Iron

Brandon Iron is in rare form today. On any day he's the master of fucking with his slaves' minds. Today he's dealing with Devaun, who claims to be sweet and nice. Let's see. He blindfolds his bitch, clamps her nipples and hangs weights from them, ties her up tight, and proceeds with a solid spanking and cunt whipping. He forces his big dick into her mouth and pushes all the way down her throat. Enough with the warming up. He bends his bitch forward and takes her hard from behind. Suspended, Devaun's cunt is spread wide open to accept her master's cock, she moans and pants, and finally has a very strong orgasm. Done for a while, Brandon lowers Devaun into a steamer trunk and locks her away. He comes back to give her a refresher course in giving head. Finally locks her away for good until the next time he needs to mess with someone's mind.
I think you misunderstood what I said. I was just making a joke that I am 100% mean. I have no problem with the content on this site and know that Chanta treats all her models with the utmost respect. I just returned from an internet convention and met many people who can help me take my sites to the next level. It's a very competitive market and I am focusing a lot of time and energy towards having the greatest chance of success.

-- Brandon Iron


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• 2008-Mar-6 - Kurt Lockwood, India Summer


Kurt Lockwood, India Summer

India Summer has made a serious mistake at work. Her boss is very angry that she has messed up yet again, finally it's time to show this bitch some discipline. He takes her down to the basement and proceeds to give her a hard spanking. He strips her down and ties her up. India is forced to deep throat her master and begs for his leniency in allowing her to stay on the job. Kurt gets out a mean metal device which basically immobilizes his slave's whole body. He shackles India up and gets down to some serious bondage fucking. In the end, with a face-full of cum, India is probably trained well enough to get back to work.
Beautiful body, nice face, great scenes. India ranks as one of the top five models. Bobbi is #1 and tatooed Sara #2 even though I don't like tatooes she can take anything you can think of and look great doing it. A little less talking/begging would have been nice.

-- krispr


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